There Be Dragons Here

I don’t get near enough time to ‘just bead’ as I would like. I love making these 3-dimensional Beaded Dragons, but since I reduced the size of the beads from 6’s and 8’s to size 15 Delicas, and Japanese seed beads, they take up to 7 hours to complete one.

Not to mention, I deviated from the original pattern, which used only one shape of bead – I incorporated 11 different shapes and sizes.

And if that was not enough self-torture, I modified the pattern on these beaded fish too, and incorporated a total of 17 different sizes and shapes of beads – These babies take upwards of 7 hours each to complete. Talk about a glutton for punishment… :)) The one on the left is modeled after my favorite pet Koi….

Thank you for visiting…
“Being a artist means, ceasing to take seriously that very serious person we are when we ar not an artist”. ~Jose Ortega Y Gasset

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  1. The dragon in picture "pink+dragon4.jpg" is jut lovely. DO you have any interest in selling that one?Melissa in NJ 🙂

  2. Thank you Melissa for liking the dragons, the Pink one in particular – I hadn't thought about selling them before, but….. Only problem is I'd have no idea what $ to sell them for….hmmmmm

  3. Bobbi these are wonderful! Scrolling down with each picture I kept oooing and awwing…then I saw the koi! Absolutely beautiful work! Definitely think about selling them, they're gorgeous!

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