You’re Fired!!!

It’s such a shame – I really liked you. Tutorial projects were easy to create – you gave me a really pretty storefront with lots of extras – I had tons of cool projects planned – and Best of all my customers could have instant downloads and/or order a printed copy – all for reasonable creator fees………
Then you got greedy – you added a surcharge of $1.49 per project if any editing was done to the project. and when I didn’t need to edit, YOU put a password on ALL my tutorials behind my back – I didn’t find this out until a customer wrote to me telling me they purchased a tutorial and couldn’t open it without a password.
The only way to get the password off?? You guessed it – upload a new copy of the pdf’s – which of course would count as editing, and bingo – charged $1.49 per project! All attempts at getting real customer service help have gone unanswered. Oh you answered the first time – repeating almost word for word my questions about the passwords but providing no real help with the issue. It has now been a month since these problems started (I’ve written to you 6 times), and you continue to ignore me.
So? YOU’RE FIRED!!!!! Adios – Farewell – See Ya! I have deleted all my tutorials from your site – or should I say tried to – You put them as retired, which I’m sure you will count as editing, thereby charging me $1.49 for each deletion.
I’m sure there is someone else out there who will treat me better, and have real customer service, that actually cares, and provides the services they promise. Be careful LuLu – if you’re treating all your customers this way, I imagine you will get fired a lot!!
BuhBye LuLu

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  1. Hi,I'm a big fan of yours and have so enjoyed your work, blog, and tutorials. I'm sorry to read about your problems with LuLu. If you're interested I have link for you that might help. This company is young, has great talent, AND most importantly they focus on great customer service and support. The company is called Nerdy…tell them I sent you. I can attest to their quality, skills, and professionalism. for Nick or Mike…they can help you! Just a note, I don't make a dime promoting their business. I just like to see good people come together:)

  2. Hi Bobbi, so sorry to hear about the problems, glad I know other places to find your work.. I did by the way figure out what I was doiing wrong with the antique about dumb.. I will tell you later but do feel just a bit foolish since I have been playing with wire for a long time off and on since the early 70's no excuse for this one.. take care i am sure you will find many more outlets for your work it is FANTASTIC anyone would be a fool to let you go.. take care Sheryl

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