It Pays to Be a PackRat

DSC_4683I am a die-hard Pack Rat – It’s awful – I don’t let go of anything that has the remote possibility of being useful. Note I said ‘pack rat’ not ‘hoarder’ –  there’s a difference – garbage is garbage, but there is lots of useful “stuff” in my collection.  This is one such piece of “stuff”.

I have been playing around with a micro-torch lately, and needed a kiln imagesflame proof work surface – not good to set your bench on fire. I nearly fell off my chair with kiddyness when I remembered this old kiln in my garage. It was a ‘gift’ almost 30 years ago, and I’ve hung on to it all this time, despite not having any idea how to use it – it has no power cord, but looks like it should have one. I’ve never been able to find any useful info on it despite having the brand name “Nova” and the model and serial number. Kiln top and bottomThere are 4 pieces to it; 2 lined cylinders, and the top and bottom which I use to torch on.

My first soldered ringThe cylinders are still in the garage (I’ll find a use for them sooner or later ;)) and I have a great surface to torch on without setting my bench on fire.

Soooooo, what’s in your garage? 😀

See ya again soon,




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  1. Rather than being a kiln, this may be a place for slowly cooling things like lampwork beads or enamel work so they don't crack and break. It does make a great soldering surface. Congrats!

    1. What little I could find did say 'kiln', and it has receptacles for some sort of power cord The way it's built makes me think it was for pottery maybe – Wish I knew for sure – die-ing to know. 🙂

  2. Thanks for putting up the reminder, I was also looking for something to fire on, and remember that I bought an OLD kiln with a boxful of replacement fire bricks, perfect!

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