How To Get A Motorcycle From West Virginia To Florida – THE HARD WAY

I ran across these pics of my determined roommates’ innovative motorcycle transportation, and thought I’d share. His Dad offered him the motorcycle – the catch – he had to “come and get it”. Well, Gerald didn’t have a truck, and couldn’t get a trailer rented during the time frame he had to work with. Soooooo……

The car is a 1998 Chevy Metro Geo; the motorcycle a Yamaha Virago, also 1998. Gerald and his Dad, spent 4 or 5 days getting the car and motorcycle ‘ready’. They took the rear driver’s side door off, the front passenger seat out, and the back seat completely out. They took the spare tire out, broke the seats down, and put the seats, and the door in the trunk.
They then took the rear tire off the bike, put it on the rear floor board, and put a heavy thick piece of plywood over that to create a suitable platform for the bike. They also remove the foot pegs, handle bars – the whole front end, tire and front forks – they were put in the space where the passenger seat was.
They chain/bolted the bike to the floor board, and chained it to the passenger side window/door support frame. They then taped a tarp over the openings, which came undone and he lost it half way home – in the rain ;).
As soon as got home Gerald and my brother Jeff, attached the front forks and tire, slid the bike out enough to attach a cherry picker to it, and hauled it the rest of they way out.
Gerald said folks were hanging out their own car windows to take pictures of his efforts, and I have no doubt – 3 people stopped their cars in front of my house to watch them take the bike out….
Hope you enjoyed……………………….
From sublime to ridiculousness there is only one step. – Napoleon

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