Hmmmmm Where To Start?

I guess I should start with a little disclaimer.

I am NOT a vet – Have NEVER been a vet – and don’t proclaim to know as much as a vet. I don’t proclaim to be a bird psychologist either. I am not the be all, end all to bird wisdom. I’m just sharing my life with parrots – 12 large parrots, 27 smaller guys, spanning 13 different species, and 17 years.
Half my flock have been hand-raised by me – the other half are rescues in one form or another.

Everything I share concerning my birds, is not meant to be a prescription, or remedy, or solution, or method carved in stone.

That being said, if some of my trials, triumphs, remedies, thoughts, heart aches, heart breaks, solutions, and/or humorous antidotes, prove to be useful, helpful, and/or entertaining to you, that’s good too.

Thanks for visiting…
talk to ya soon….

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.” ~George Eliot