Do you see YOUR work here?

Most of you in the jewelry world are aware of recent events surrounding Corra’s Pipa Knot, and the subsequent infringement posted on JL for sale. Only now is Jewelry Lessons Admin looking into the situation by posting a LOCKED thread on JL asking for facts.

They asked for facts? Okay – pictures speak louder than words…..

Corra’s Pipa Knot this woman is teaching……..

The translation is hard to read, but she talks about seeing this on the net on a US site before teaching it.

NaturalJewels Indian Bracelet…..

I can’t post any more of Tangocats’ tutorial – They posted the whole work in the blog – I won’t post the link for this either, I think it’s worse than awful.

How about Athereal Minx’s Octopus?

Eni herself isn’t even safe….
Do I really need more?