You’re Fired!!!

It’s such a shame – I really liked you. Tutorial projects were easy to create – you gave me a really pretty storefront with lots of extras – I had tons of cool projects planned – and Best of all my customers could have instant downloads and/or order a printed copy – all for reasonable creator fees………
Then you got greedy – you added a surcharge of $1.49 per project if any editing was done to the project. and when I didn’t need to edit, YOU put a password on ALL my tutorials behind my back – I didn’t find this out until a customer wrote to me telling me they purchased a tutorial and couldn’t open it without a password.
The only way to get the password off?? You guessed it – upload a new copy of the pdf’s – which of course would count as editing, and bingo – charged $1.49 per project! All attempts at getting real customer service help have gone unanswered. Oh you answered the first time – repeating almost word for word my questions about the passwords but providing no real help with the issue. It has now been a month since these problems started (I’ve written to you 6 times), and you continue to ignore me.
So? YOU’RE FIRED!!!!! Adios – Farewell – See Ya! I have deleted all my tutorials from your site – or should I say tried to – You put them as retired, which I’m sure you will count as editing, thereby charging me $1.49 for each deletion.
I’m sure there is someone else out there who will treat me better, and have real customer service, that actually cares, and provides the services they promise. Be careful LuLu – if you’re treating all your customers this way, I imagine you will get fired a lot!!
BuhBye LuLu

I’m Starting To Feel Cursed……

This year has been really, really rough – one set back after another, after another. If it wasn’t problems with the house, it was problems with my work. After that; relationship problems, major health issues, and financial issues – okay with that one, I’m sure just about everyone feels cursed.

Then there are the day to day curses – plumbing problems, computer viruses, car problems, and squabbling kids (no my kids are not the naked 2-legged versions – your point is?)

For weeks, I have been working on and off on a killer pair of earrings – 13.6 carats of London Blue Topaz – planning out the design, picking just the right complimentary stones – Black Spinel, and beautiful shades of Blue Tourmaline , finding quiet time to work, meticulously analyzing every turn of my pliers so as not to make a mistake. I scrutinized them under a magnifying glass when they were done, and agonized over getting just the right picture of them.

This morning, I just couldn’t leave well enough alone – I just knew I could manage a better shot of them. In setting up the shot…………. I dropped one on my terrazzo floor. Yes I can hear you groaning, and there is no need for me to repeat the barrage of expletives that followed.

As luck would have it – or the curse – it landed pavilion down, and suffered the very smallest of chips on the very point of the back of the stone. Small that is, only if you’re not an up-tight, over-worked, stressed, anal retentive perfectionist. The chip is not visible from the front – or the back when wearing them – but I still see it and – and yes I’m cursed.

thanks for commiserating with me…..

“Reverend Jorgensen: Mr. Monk, if you would be so kind as to reattach it’s head. Here’s some adhesive. Some witchgrass. Some coltsfoot. Ah. Mandrake root. Smidgen more. All I need now is the doll.
Monk: Okay, one second.
Reverend Jorgensen: It doesn’t have to be perfect.
Monk: Almost done.
Reverend Jorgensen: It’s symbolic, really.
Monk: There we go.
Reverend Jorgensen: The forces of darkness are gathering.
Monk: Hold on.
Reverend Jorgensen: It doesn’t have to be perfect!
Monk: Wait a second.
Reverend Jorgensen: It doesn’t have to be perfect.
Monk: One second, almost done.
Reverend Jorgensen: Doesn’t…
Monk: Wait one second.
Natalie: Mr. Monk, please, just let him finish!
Monk: Hold on…
Reverend Jorgensen: She’s suffering, Mr. Monk. It doesn’t have to be… okay, that’s close enough” ~ Mr Monk and the Voodoo Curse