The Beginning………

If you’ve peeked at my profile, you’ve seen that I have been wire wrapping for many, many years. Until recently, I’ve worked in my own little world, in a small workshop in my house, in Gulfport, Florida, USA. In October 2007, I ventured out and opened a shop in Etsy – My Wired Imagination . That was the beginning of this wild and fantastic adventure, that I hope never ends……..

One of the most memorable aspects of this adventure, has been the wonderful people I’ve met along the way……and I would be remiss, if I did not share some of these wonderfully unique friends with you…………..

First, there’s Corra – owner of DeCor’s Handmades, a wonderful young lady from Malaysia, who has an incredible passion for wire work, which shows in her work and in her desire to create pieces that are totally unique to her. She has only been working with wire for a very short time, yet her skills in the pieces she’s created would suggest years. She’s created a wonderful tutorial (2 actually), that shares some of the really cool techniques she’s developed… Please check out her shop for more information, or her own blog at DeCor’s Handmades .
Thanks for visiting, I have many more new friends to introduce you to, but for now I have to say goodnite…….
Thanks for stopping by
“I don’t pretend to understand the universe – it’s much bigger than I am. ” ~Albert Einstein

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