Imaginations and Ideas ~~ Where do they come from………

I’ve been thinking alot about imagination lately, and not just because it’s a big part of the name of my shop, and the jewellery adventure I’m on…… It just never ceases to amaze me, what wonderful things ideas and imaginations are. For me, jewellery ideas seem to (on occasion) come about without any real intervention on my part – I mean most times when I sit down at my workbench, there’s a stone, or string of beads I’ve recently gotten still laid out – (I’m not really good at putting stuff away) – and I grab some wire, my favorite pliers, and look at what I have, and try to figure out, ‘what it would be best suited as’.

Once the ideas start though, I can hardly keep up. I try to sketch little notes for later projects, (I can’t do everything at once), and I wind up with hundreds of little sticky notes everywhere….. I have these notes in my car, my purse, on the desk in the living room, and (what was supposed to be the ‘handy catchall), a little black book, filled with little sketches, and notes for projects. Sometimes, halfway through a note, it shoots off into a totally new and different idea…..I have enough of these to date, to keep me at my work bench 24/7 for quite some time. And if that was not enough, I’ve started to subject my friends to this…….sort of – one project leads to another, and another… – To show you what I mean – in an earlier post, I introduced you to a recently made friend – Spike – who suggested a collaboration between us, in what is a perfect marriage of arts ~ he cuts gorgeous cabs in natural stone, and I’m a skilled wire worker – simple! right? Wrong. – It took, I think, all of 2 days, before before I started bombarding him with ideas for specially cut stones I wanted for ‘experimental projects’ I had in mind, and to my amazement, he was all for it. And at no point has he ever said “no”, (which sooner or later, he’ll slap his head, and question that, but for now I’m safe.) This was the first of many pieces I’ve asked for (or am going too *insert sheepish grin here*). I wanted a heart shaped stone, cut in 2 – my plan was to wrap the 2 pieces so they would finish as a pendant set – his and hers – with an old prayer – “Lord, watch between me and thee, when we are absent one another” – It hasn’t quite worked out that way though – the mechanics of how it needs to hang, just isn’t co-operating – but someone already saw this on Spike’s Flickr, and she and I have talked, and I’m confident it will become what she needs it to be – but the point, I guess of this little tale is that, it’s fueled a whole host of ideas (imagination).
Now I realise I ramble a little, but you’re still reading so…… Another friend I’ve mentioned earlier, Corra ~ well her ideas, and imagination comes from an entirely different place. Her passion for wire, is a recent one, and we ‘met’, when I purchased one of her tutorials, and she thought my intentions were , shall we say, less than stellar. She had recently been ‘attacked’ and accused of using someone else’s ideas, and thought I was just another one to join the angry linchmob….. I am most happy to report that I was not. Those slinging accusations, were by the way VERY wrong in their assumptions, and although after some time, finally concluded they were wrong, never did apologize – but the point is, they backed her into a corner, and she turned around and used that to her advantage – and then some! One of the ‘statements’ made was that she didn’t know enough about what she was trying to teach – boy did they do her a FAVOR! ~
It’s funny (well it is now), I honestly believe their intention was to ‘run her off”, and all they succeeded in doing , was spur her on to greater things – She has since then,
incorporated something she KNOWS very well into her wire – Chinese Knots – which has produced some stunning work and designs. This piece here, is one of her newest, a pendant called ‘Skylark on Coins’. (the photo is a link to this listing on Etsy if you’re interested). Her ‘imagination and ideas’, while they didn’t have the happiest of beginnings, are fueling some wonderful pieces and ideas. She has a new tutorial coming soon for a bracelet!, that I got a sneak peek at. I’ve asked her for permission to use the photo she sent, but I’m in USA, she’s in Malaysia, the whole day ahead or day behind thing, anyway if she okays it, I’ll edit this post, and show everybody what to look forward to. Just got e-mail from Corra with a couple of pics of her upcoming bracelet tutorial –

Pretty Sharp!

I read alot of listings on Etsy, and blogs from different artists, and it really does amaze me where their ideas, and inspirations come from…………… Some, like Eni Oken have find their ideas and inspirations in nature – Eni has whole ‘series’ of pieces revolving around the ocean ~ one of my favorite pieces ~ ‘Marine Relic’ ~ is a perfect example.
I just love her work – would give body parts for half of her ‘mad skills’.
Well I’ve rambled on enough for now – my roommate, reading over my shoulder, asked – “why is your work , and what ‘triggers’ you not in this?” – hmmmm, guess there will be a part II 🙂 .
thanks for stopping by……………
All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him. – Bhuddha

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  1. Wow, I guess I need to get busy – several people have asked the same question about me writing tutorials *grinning widely here*Thanksbtw – fav part in Galaxy Quest? – tryin' to steer out of the hanger, and scrapping the 'fender' all the way out. :))

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