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9 Responses to “Opal and Alexandrite Ring”

  1. Debbie Svoboda Says:

    How can I purchase rings from u???!!! I’m IN LOVE with the ALEXANDRITE AND OPAL RINGS..AWA JUST ALEXANDRITE.

  2. BobbiWired Says:

    Thank you Debbie!! Please visit my Etsy store MyWiredImagination Oh and btw, the Opal and Alexandrite Ring is still available – just saying 😉

  3. Lauren Says:

    I saw your ring and I wanted to know how much it costs. This is my dream Ring!

  4. BobbiWired Says:


  5. Lauren Says:

    The Opal and Alexandrite one

  6. Izzy Smith Says:

    The opal is beautiful. How much would it cost?

  7. BobbiWired Says:

    Hi Izzy – you can find that ring here Opal and Alexandrite Ring

  8. Lauren Says:

    My comments keep disappearing is something wrong? I hope you get this! 🙂

  9. BobbiWired Says:

    Hi Lauren – you’re comments are here 🙂 You can find that ring here

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