Where’s The Mens Cab Ring Tutorial

I recently posted a new tutorial Mens Cab Ring. It has since been pulled from publication on all my sites. It was reported to me, that someone I have respected for a long time felt my design looked to close to theirs. While the text and images and construction is my own, in deference to this person I have removed the tutorial from sale. I felt I developed improved techniques for constructing a ring of this type. The text that I wrote and the pictures I took reflected these improvements in techniques.

While I realize this is a disappointment to some of you, I felt this was the correct thing to do. I may apply these same improved techniques to another project, and will certainly let everyone know when that happens. I appreciate your inquiries, and support.

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New Tutorial – Lesson in Patience Ring and the Atom Pendant

Hi all –
I’ve just published a new tutorial – Its actually 2 designs in one – A solitaire style prong ring, and a prong pendant…..

I hope you enjoy the designs, and they delight and inspire you…

Tutorial available in both my Etsy and Artfire shops.

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When the Show Melts, You Find Butterflies

My very dear friend Corra gave me an advanced copy of her wonderful new holiday tutorial – SnowFlakes Wired Chinese Knot Earrings. I had ( along with many others), pestered her so much about it, she stayed up all night one night to do it. It is based on her Cubic Knot Earrings tutorial, which was great by itself, and these are even more fun.
I went to town when I got it, and by accident, created my own variation….. After the first butterfly was born, I was thoroughly addicted. I’ve tried not to get carried away, but they keep evolving, and I love playing with different color combination’s. The purple one is my favorite (so far), and the blue one is on it’s way to Germany as a gift to a customer. If you’re as fascinated by this design as I am, please visit Corra’s shop at Etsy, or her blog DecorsHandmades. She has 9 delicious Wired Knots Tutorials, and 5 mini-tutorials available. Fall in love with all of them and she has 3 different tutorial packages to satisfy your need for knots.

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YIPPEE – Its Finally Finished – Tutorial – Prong Pendant – Slider Style

This one was a real struggle – My camera died part way through –

Sooooo I had to bite the bullet, and get a new camera OUCH 🙁 and then re-do the images (and the tutorial pendant) several times to complete the tutorial.

I’m very happy with the way it turned out.


This tutorial teaches the techniques to wire wrap a slider style pendant, with a prong setting. It can be altered to set either a cab, or faceted stone. Modifying the gauge of wire and number of prongs, it can be used to set almost any size and shape of stone.

You can find this and my other tutorials in my Etsy shop and on Craftsy.

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Today’s Featured Artist – MailleMystique

My first love has always been and will always be wire work, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate other forms of metalwork – I do. I have actually spent a great deal of time learning and working chainmaille. Despite being on the tedious side, it can be very relaxing – even calming. One dear friend on Etsy – who by the way swears she couldn’t do wire wrapping to save her soul – runs circles around me in chainmaille. Meet Deb of MailleMystique. Now I know a lot of folks regard chainmaille as a ‘Renaissance Fair’ craft with images of maille clothing and such coming to mind first, but Deb creates beautiful jewelry that goes far past that. One piece in particular.
The weave is called Jens Pind. I actually have done this weave, although it took me almost a month to work it out, and complete a bracelet. The problem with this weave is getting the ratio of wire guage to ring diameter just right. If the ring size or wire gauge is off even by as little as 1mm, the pattern won’t hold and falls apart. Now if that was not enough of a challenge, Deb does it in square wire jump rings. The thought of trying that makes my head hurt. I’ll think I’ll stick to my wire wrapping, and leave chainmaille to the pros – Deb of MailleMystique. Please visit her shop on Etsy for some truly beautiful jewelry……

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Today’s Featured Artist – LiLithu aka Ewa

As you may have noticed by now, my favorite stomping ground is Etsy. Ewa whose shop is LiLithu, is another wonderful artist I ran across there. This bracelet is what originally caught my eye, the attention to detail, and skill resulted in an absolutely stunning piece. All of her pieces though, show that same attention to detail, and creativity.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stared aka drooled over her work. I suppose the biggest thing that impresses me is the perfection in her wrapping. Now I am a picky, picky wire wrapper myself so I notice when a wire is out of place, or wraps aren’t quite straight – but if you look really, really close at Ewa’s pieces, you won’t find ANY wires out of place, or wraps not straight. Sheer perfection!!! Please visit Ewa’s shop LiLithu for these and other wonderful goodies.

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Today’s Featured Artist – Justin – DuPuis Designs

I ran across this artist a few days ago and was blown away…. His shop DuPoisDesigns is fairly new to Etsy- and he only has one piece in it – but what a piece!!!

Then on top of that, if you look in his profile, he’s only been wire wrapping since August 2007. –

OMG – Which by the way is what I named his pictures when I saved them to post here.

If this is what he does after only one year, I can’t wait to see what he does next………….

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Custom/Commissioned Opal Pendant

Several of my fellow artists dislike custom/commissioned work – I absolutely love it! It’s a chance to break away for the norm, and a challenge at the same time. The challenge being, to take someone else’s idea – one whom I never actually get to talk to in person – and turn it into a piece of jewelry that matches as close as possible to what they had in mind.
I recently had such an opportunity….. A very wonderful lady, Barbara, purchased my favorite opal from my Etsy shop and requested I turn it into a pendant as a birthday present for her daughter.

Her requests were simple – pendant in 14k GF wire – special birthday present – no pressure, no pressure. Her request left a lot open for interpretation, and while I was excited to do the work, I was a little sad to see such a beautiful stone go…(I was still trying to justify adding it to the ‘Me Collection’).

After several emails back and forth we settled on a design, and I got to work. The morning came to package and ship the pendant. There had been minor issues with one side and the bail, that had become increasingly annoying, and at the last minute – I cut the piece apart and started over. The stone was/is spectacular, it deserved no less of a setting. The finished piece shown her
e is the second attempt, and while several people saw the first attempt and saw nothing wrong, I am much happier with the outcome of the second attempt. I could not in good conscience send it, if I wasn’t willing to wear it myself. Barbara emailed me several days later, after she received it, and was totally thrilled with it – which made all the stress over getting it ‘just right’, more than worth it. Barbara said, “the hardest thing now is to hide it from my daughter, until her birthday in October”. – Good luck ‘Mom’ :D.

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Why I Do What I Do…..Showing Off Some Gifted Artists/Students

This post has been a long time in the making – mostly because of what had become a very hectic schedule for a time – but now that things have calmed down a bit, I thought I’d share some work of some very talented artists, who have chosen to take a bash at some of my designs….. After all the hard work that goes into writing, photographing and publishing a tutorial, nothing is more gratifying and flattering than to get photos from fellow artists, who have chosen my designs to create with…… It is why I do what I do and makes all the hard work well worth it….

Kelley from Silvery Ever After… chose my Swarvoski Crystal Bangle Tutorial – and did a wonderful variation in Sterling Silver, and a great blue-green-champagne color combination……
I love her color choices, and in Sterling, she created a stunning bracelet.

She modified the clasp a bit to better suit her needs, and all in all did a wonderful job.

She recently purchased my Fancy Band Prong Ring Tutorial, and I can’t wait to see where she takes it to.

My dear friend Marika, chose my Antique Style All Wire Earrings Tutorial, and created a wonderfully vintage looking pair of earrings in Sterling Silver…..

Marika’s wire wrapping skills are growing in leaps and bounds, and she has lots of wonderful pieces in her store on Dawanda.

Then there’s Karlene who fell in love with my
Fancy Band Prong Ring Tutorial. After her first ring, she went to town, and tried her hand at a double stone ring similar to one shown in my tutorial.
I think she did a wonderful job….
You can visit Karlene at Celtic Gardens Creations.

.And lastly, but certainly not least is Shi . She also fell in love with my Fancy Band Ring Tutorial, and fell hard :)….
This is the first one that she did and featured on her blog.
I can tell you , there is never any better compliments, than when a fellow artist falls in love with your design, and creates such beautiful pieces. You can visit Shi at her Etsy Store ShiJewels , for these and other fabulous goodies.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these wonderful creations from some of my fellow artists, as much as I have enjoyed sharing them…..
If you’re interested in learning and creating your own versions of my designs, please visit my shop on Etsy. – I’ve recently added new patterns in the Complete Kit/Tutorial section.

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My 3rd Tutorial – YEA :)

Fancy Band is an advanced level project, although the instructions are very clear and thorough, and I’ve had many, many beginner to intermediate students successfully complete this project. It is 15 pages, with 43 clear crisp photos, and a total file size of 963KB.

This tutorial teaches you step by step, the techniques used to create this design, some of which were inspired by Dianne Karg Baron and Mr Jorgen Greftegraff. It is wonderful design to create an elegant lasting piece of jewelry.

I do suggest you have at least the basic skills and familiarity with wire wrapping before attempting this ring. If you’d like to build your skill set first, please see my other listings for beginner and intermediate level tutorials.
Please visit My Shop for this and other tutorials, and for complete kits that are also available for this –
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Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Tutorial

I’m very proud to finally offer this tutorial – it’s been a long time coming, and alot of hard work. I’ve taught wire wrapping in person for many years, but writing instructions for someone I will not be teaching in person, has been to say the least challenging. My style of writing is not as ‘formal’ as some, but after much consideration and countless re-writes, I realised I needed to stay with what I know best. This tutorial is written as if I were teaching you in person, as much as possible – since I’ve taught this in person, I know the pitfalls you’re most likely to face, and do my best to head them off -The bracelet in this tutorial is my personal favorite. It was inspired partly by my birds, my Rainbow Lories ~ Murphy, Gabby, Pluck & Feather, in particular. Everyone that I’ve taught this to, and who has made one, interprets the colors in their own way ~ as it should be.

Other beads can be used for this, in an infinite number of combinations however, square beads are easier to manage in the beginning. The techniques I’ve developed, and teach in this tutorial, create a stable ‘tough’ little bangle; and unlike some other ‘versions’ of this style, the means to create a bangle at near perfect to perfect length. After we have completed the basic style, I will walk you through an additional (really cool) variation, plus some other design ideas.Materials to create a basic 7 -7 1/2″ bracelet: I prefer GF wire, but you’re welcome to use sterling or even copper – ½ hard or dead soft. Q=the best to use? A=Use what you have.• 48″ 20g square wire • 9″ 22g wire (square or round)• 32″ 16-20g ½ round wire (I prefer the heavier gauges in ½ round wire, and ½ hard for this project – it forms crisper wraps)• Minimum 12 6mm cube crystals• Optional : 2, 4mm Bali spacers per crystal, if you don’t use spacers, you will need to increase the number of crystals needed, by 2 or 3; 1 extra cube as a ‘little helper’.

Tools: wire cutters, ruler, flat-nose pliers, round nose pliers, large round dowel or something similar for forming – optional: tape, Sharpie marker, cleaning cloth.
This is a PDF file – To view this tutorial you will need a free copy of Adobe’s Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded here:, however most computers with basic programming are already capable of reading a pdf file.

This tutorial, and others can be purchased from My Shop at Etsy. Thank you for stopping by – please visit again………………………………….

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Imaginations and Ideas ~~ Where do they come from………

I’ve been thinking alot about imagination lately, and not just because it’s a big part of the name of my shop, and the jewellery adventure I’m on…… It just never ceases to amaze me, what wonderful things ideas and imaginations are. For me, jewellery ideas seem to (on occasion) come about without any real intervention on my part – I mean most times when I sit down at my workbench, there’s a stone, or string of beads I’ve recently gotten still laid out – (I’m not really good at putting stuff away) – and I grab some wire, my favorite pliers, and look at what I have, and try to figure out, ‘what it would be best suited as’.

Once the ideas start though, I can hardly keep up. I try to sketch little notes for later projects, (I can’t do everything at once), and I wind up with hundreds of little sticky notes everywhere….. I have these notes in my car, my purse, on the desk in the living room, and (what was supposed to be the ‘handy catchall), a little black book, filled with little sketches, and notes for projects. Sometimes, halfway through a note, it shoots off into a totally new and different idea…..I have enough of these to date, to keep me at my work bench 24/7 for quite some time. And if that was not enough, I’ve started to subject my friends to this…….sort of – one project leads to another, and another… – To show you what I mean – in an earlier post, I introduced you to a recently made friend – Spike – who suggested a collaboration between us, in what is a perfect marriage of arts ~ he cuts gorgeous cabs in natural stone, and I’m a skilled wire worker – simple! right? Wrong. – It took, I think, all of 2 days, before before I started bombarding him with ideas for specially cut stones I wanted for ‘experimental projects’ I had in mind, and to my amazement, he was all for it. And at no point has he ever said “no”, (which sooner or later, he’ll slap his head, and question that, but for now I’m safe.) This was the first of many pieces I’ve asked for (or am going too *insert sheepish grin here*). I wanted a heart shaped stone, cut in 2 – my plan was to wrap the 2 pieces so they would finish as a pendant set – his and hers – with an old prayer – “Lord, watch between me and thee, when we are absent one another” – It hasn’t quite worked out that way though – the mechanics of how it needs to hang, just isn’t co-operating – but someone already saw this on Spike’s Flickr, and she and I have talked, and I’m confident it will become what she needs it to be – but the point, I guess of this little tale is that, it’s fueled a whole host of ideas (imagination).
Now I realise I ramble a little, but you’re still reading so…… Another friend I’ve mentioned earlier, Corra ~ well her ideas, and imagination comes from an entirely different place. Her passion for wire, is a recent one, and we ‘met’, when I purchased one of her tutorials, and she thought my intentions were , shall we say, less than stellar. She had recently been ‘attacked’ and accused of using someone else’s ideas, and thought I was just another one to join the angry linchmob….. I am most happy to report that I was not. Those slinging accusations, were by the way VERY wrong in their assumptions, and although after some time, finally concluded they were wrong, never did apologize – but the point is, they backed her into a corner, and she turned around and used that to her advantage – and then some! One of the ‘statements’ made was that she didn’t know enough about what she was trying to teach – boy did they do her a FAVOR! ~
It’s funny (well it is now), I honestly believe their intention was to ‘run her off”, and all they succeeded in doing , was spur her on to greater things – She has since then,
incorporated something she KNOWS very well into her wire – Chinese Knots – which has produced some stunning work and designs. This piece here, is one of her newest, a pendant called ‘Skylark on Coins’. (the photo is a link to this listing on Etsy if you’re interested). Her ‘imagination and ideas’, while they didn’t have the happiest of beginnings, are fueling some wonderful pieces and ideas. She has a new tutorial coming soon for a bracelet!, that I got a sneak peek at. I’ve asked her for permission to use the photo she sent, but I’m in USA, she’s in Malaysia, the whole day ahead or day behind thing, anyway if she okays it, I’ll edit this post, and show everybody what to look forward to. Just got e-mail from Corra with a couple of pics of her upcoming bracelet tutorial –

Pretty Sharp!

I read alot of listings on Etsy, and blogs from different artists, and it really does amaze me where their ideas, and inspirations come from…………… Some, like Eni Oken have find their ideas and inspirations in nature – Eni has whole ‘series’ of pieces revolving around the ocean ~ one of my favorite pieces ~ ‘Marine Relic’ ~ is a perfect example.
I just love her work – would give body parts for half of her ‘mad skills’.
Well I’ve rambled on enough for now – my roommate, reading over my shoulder, asked – “why is your work , and what ‘triggers’ you not in this?” – hmmmm, guess there will be a part II 🙂 .
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The Beginning………

If you’ve peeked at my profile, you’ve seen that I have been wire wrapping for many, many years. Until recently, I’ve worked in my own little world, in a small workshop in my house, in Gulfport, Florida, USA. In October 2007, I ventured out and opened a shop in Etsy – My Wired Imagination . That was the beginning of this wild and fantastic adventure, that I hope never ends……..

One of the most memorable aspects of this adventure, has been the wonderful people I’ve met along the way……and I would be remiss, if I did not share some of these wonderfully unique friends with you…………..

First, there’s Corra – owner of DeCor’s Handmades, a wonderful young lady from Malaysia, who has an incredible passion for wire work, which shows in her work and in her desire to create pieces that are totally unique to her. She has only been working with wire for a very short time, yet her skills in the pieces she’s created would suggest years. She’s created a wonderful tutorial (2 actually), that shares some of the really cool techniques she’s developed… Please check out her shop for more information, or her own blog at DeCor’s Handmades .
Thanks for visiting, I have many more new friends to introduce you to, but for now I have to say goodnite…….
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